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Mission Statement:

Our Goal is to be the Best

By listening to our customers and embracing the concept of continuous improvement, we will provide our customer the highest value for their dollar and create long term value for our shareholders.

Continuous Improvement

At Kirby, quality is about both process and results. For that reason we have developed and implemented a comprehensive system for ensuring that customer requirements are met and exceeded on a regular basis. The foundation of this continuous improvement structure is our ISO 9002 system. Kirby was one of the first one hundred service companies to receive ISO registration and we have maintained our registration since 1993.

But the ISO Quality System is only one part of Kirby's commitment to Continuous Improvement. Overlaying the Quality System are other components focused on incident prevention. These include our Quality Steering Committee, our Customer and Employee Surveys, our "Measurables" process and our Team Structure that encourages participation from all levels of the organization. Training and auditing help to ensure that everyone has the tools to do the job and that these tools are implemented company-wide.

If any kind of system failure does occur, Kirby's corrective action process is implemented. This corrective action system includes a process for receiving and analyzing incidents and customer complaints, for conducting root cause analysis and for changing the system so that similar problems will not recur.

At Kirby, we are committed not to the word "quality," but to a philosophy of ongoing customer satisfaction through a systematic approach to continuous improvement.

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