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Kirby Logistics Management

A Division of Kirby Inland Marine, LP

PO Box 1537
Houston TX 77251-1537

18350 Market Street
Channelview TX 77530

Ph 888-681-0261
Fax 713-435-1951


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Kirby Logistics Management


Services Shore Tankering Services
Whether your transfer involves a high hazard product such as Phenol, Aniline, or Acrylonitrile, a specialty process such as ship bunkering, ship lighterings, or nitrogen purging, or simply a non-hazardous transfer that requires prompt, predictable professional service, KLM shore tankermen can handle the job.

In-Plant Operations Services
KLM provides highly skilled and trained personnel to operate marine dock facilities as well as providing supplemental staff for various in-plant and terminal operations, such as rail car/tank truck loading and unloading, tank farm operations, and switching operations.

Service Areas

KLM currently services three regional areas with shore tankermen, in-plant operators and other key support personnel: the Gulf Coast region (Brownsville, Texas to Panama City, Florida); the Mississippi River region (Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Cairo, Illinois); and the Ohio River Valley region (Paducah, Kentucky to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

For shore tankering, dedicated dock facilities personnel and terminal management, KLM provides professional solutions.



Since its founding, KLM's success has been driven by three overarching beliefs: first, provide operational excellence in fulfilling customer requirements; second, furnish only the most reliable, highly trained and professional personnel to our customers; and third, offer high value, prompt predictable services.

The key to implementing these beliefs is found in one of the core competencies of KLM, providing state-of-the-art training for all personnel, regardless of assignment. For example, all KLM shore tankermen have not only completed required U.S. Coast Guard training, but have also passed competency-based exams in areas such as the safe handling of hazardous cargoes and the performance of specialized tankering processes, including ship bunkering and nitrogen purging.


In-plant operators receive the same level of training as shore tankermen. In 2005, KLM completed construction of a new training center for in-plant operator training. This facility provides training in a wide variety of in-plant skills including dock operations, shore tank operations, rail car and tank truck loading and unloading, marine vapor recovery systems, tank gauging, pigging operations, and crane training. The in-plant operator training facility features a rail car, a tank truck, a shore tank, a barge and complete piping systems, ensuring that our personnel are ready to help customers meet their needs from the first day on the job.

Both shore tankermen and in-plant operators participate in KLM's extensive safety program. Monthly safety meetings, the implementation of Behavior-Based Safety processes, ISO 9000 certified procedures, and extensive training in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, first aid/CPR and fire fighting ensure that safety is the primary concern in all facets of both training and operations.

Kirby Logistics Management offers reliable, highly trained and professional personnel for the chemical, refining and marine transportation industries.


Customer Service and Dispatching

Our Customer Service Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This group is the central information command center and is responsible for personnel scheduling, collecting job information and problem resolution. On-time arrivals through efficient personnel scheduling are enhanced by our state-of-the-art dispatch process. Planning and coordination of duties ensure that both routine and unexpected work opportunities can be handled. All KLM employees carry cell phones or 2-way paging devices and maintain the necessary equipment and supplies (Personal Protective Equipment) in their vehicles; always on call, always ready to meet customer requirements.


Service Areas

Gulf Coast Region
Mobile, Alabama
Pensacola, Florida
Lake Charles, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Beaumont, Texas
Brownsville, Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas
Freeport, Texas
Houston, Texas
Texas City, Texas
Port Arthur, Texas

Mississippi River Region
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Greenville, Mississippi
Natchez, Mississippi
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Memphis, Tennessee

Ohio River Valley
Evansville, Indiana
Ashland, Kentucky
Paducah, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Cincinnati, Ohio
Marietta, Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Charleston, West Virginia

KLM Service Area

For more information, please contact Darren Bell at (888) 681-0261.

P.O. Box 1537 Houston, Texas 77251
Fax: (713) 435-1951

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